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  • "On a scale of 1-10, I give Lindley Heating & Cooling a 10 in professionalism & performance." Read Full Testimonial

    R. K. of Indianapolis, IN

    Customer Testimonial

              On a scale of 1-10, I give Lindley Heating & Cooling a 10 in professionalism & performance.
    R. K.
    Indianapolis, IN
  • "Thank you so much for your prompt attention in regards to my furnace!" Read Full Testimonial

    Natalie W. of Indianapolis, IN

    Customer Testimonial

              Thank you so much for your prompt attention in regards to my furnace!
    Natalie W.
    Indianapolis, IN
  • "Thanks for a great, informative, complete service by your serviceman, Justin." Read Full Testimonial

    Larry C. of Indianapolis, IN

    Customer Testimonial

              I had service done by your Serviceman, Justin. Thanks for a great, informative, complete service by your serviceman, Justin. He was professional and very good at his job.
    Larry C.
    Indianapolis, IN
  • "Home Performance Assessment and then a complete Aeroseal duct sealing of the entire house. (House area is..." Read Full Testimonial

    Judy R. of Indianapolis, IN

    Customer Testimonial

              We have used Steve Lindley’s company previously to install a full new geo-thermal system which we are very pleased with. Last week we had Lindley Heating and Cooling come out to do a Home Performance Assessment ($99). Robin and Brad did a detailed duct pressure testing, and they thoroughly inspected our attic and our crawl space. They also used an infrared camera to let us see through the walls to locate “hot spots” where we were losing energy. Robin was very thorough about explaining all the details of the testing process, analyzing the data and educating us about various causes for our heat loss and possible solutions for those problems. He proposed 3 possible things we could do including duct sealing with Aeroseal, a crawl space encapsulation, and removal of our old attic insulation to allow for the sealing of can lights and vents and then replacement of insulation in the attic. After much discussion and a night to “sleep on it”, we decided to first do the Duct sealing. The duct sealing is a very interesting and involved process! I had watched some video clips on their website and understood the process. They completely blocked off all the vents and air returns in the house, hand sealed any obvious leaking sites then pressurized the system and released the Aeroseal to move throughout the system sealing up any places that air was leaking in or out of the entire system. (Best analogy is that this process is like using “seal a flat” for your tires!) Their computer analysis showed that before we started we had total air leakage equivalent to a 33 square inch hole and when we finished, we now have leakage equivalent to a 1inch square hole! Brad and his team arrived this morning at 8:30 and did not leave until 4:30. They arrived on time, worked hard all day, were courteous & professional, and cleaned up completely. We are very pleased with the work and we will watch to see the differences we will experience in the house and with our electric bills! We have also decided to get our crawl space encapsulated next week because we have a ¾ basement that has a direct opening to our 400 square foot crawl space. The dampness and air contaminants from that area need to be blocked from entering the entire house. We will update you later with how that process goes!!
    Judy R.
    Indianapolis, IN

Achieving total home comfort requires a number of conditions. Proper heating and cooling functionality is essential, as well as pure indoor air quality to maintain health. Servicing your HVAC system as well as your ducts and ventilation will ensure your comfort at home. Furthermore, efficient heating and cooling and sealed ducts will save you money on your energy bills - an opportunity too good to pass up!

Previously named Lindley Heating & Cooling, Indiana Home Comfort Solutions has over 20 years of experience in the heating, cooling and ductwork industry. We can install, replace or repair a variety of heating and air conditioning solutions. We also specialize in ductwork, and in particular we use the advanced Aeroseal system to effectively seal any duct leaks you might have – which, in turn, promotes air flow and air quality. Finally, we can also help with insulation and energy needs through use of our home energy audits. Our competent technicians receive ongoing training to remain up-to-date on industry standards. And, most importantly, we care about you! Together we know we will succeed in giving you the home environment you deserve.

About the Owner

Steve Lindley

Steve Lindley

Steve Lindley started Lindley Heating & Cooling (now Indiana Home Comfort Solutions) in 1993 as a small business with only one employee – himself! He began in the home improvement industry with a summer landscaping job and then moved on to work in heating and cooling. Over the years, Indiana Home Comfort Solutions has continued to grow and succeed by emphasizing the importance of continuing education and by providing homeowners with efficient and reliable service. Steve and his staff have completed ample training and certification programs about indoor environments, teaching them to look at the entire internal environment of a home in order to solve a problem, versus just offering a furnace or air conditioning service to fix a problem. Steve is always looking for ways to better serve homeowners, and it all started with becoming a Carrier 360 dealer, Building Analyst and Envelope Professional. Additionally, Steve has recently become a Dr. Energy Saver® Certified Energy Management Consultant! Steve is passionate about his business, working out in the field and in the office to ensure he is meeting the needs of his clients.

Steve was born and raised in Hendricks County, where he currently resides. Outside of work, Steve enjoys the company of his wife, son, and two step-daughters. He also enjoys water sports, snow sports, golf, fast cars, riding motorcycles and spending time with family and friends.

Meet Our Team

Our Mission

Here at Indiana Home Comfort Solutions, our mission is to provide our clients with the most comfortable, healthy, safe and affordable home environment possible by acting with trust and integrity. We work hard to achieve complete customer satisfaction and maintain your wellbeing. And we are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

Our Awards and Accreditations

We pride ourselves on our many awards and affiliations that prove our prowess in the HVAC industry and allow us to best serve our customers. We are a North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified dealer, showing our specialization in heating and cooling systems. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are experts in home energy and indoor air quality. We are also a member of Angie’s List and have received the Angie’s List Super Service Award several times, honoring our dedication to our customers and their happiness.

These organizations have recognized Indiana Home Comfort Solutions’s worth, and with their support, we feel well equipped to handle all of your HVAC, ductwork, and other needs!

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