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Cantilever Insulation in Indianapolis, IN

This home in Indianapolis, IN had a cantilever that was not insulated, allowing air to flow in and out of the home easily. Unhappy with their high utility bills, this family called Indiana Home Comfort Solutions to provide them with comfort. The cantilevers were insulated by installing blocks of SilverGlo foam boards then covered with expanding spray foam insulation to properly seal the area and stop air flow. 

Dryer Vent in Indianapolis, IN

In  Indianapolis, IN our IHCS team members discovered a dryer vent that opens up into the crawlspace. The release of air into a crawlspace can cause too much moisture and lead to mold! The problem was fixed and now this dryer vent looks much better than before. No more air from the dryer vent is being released into this crawlspace!

Chimney Gap in Indianapolis, IN

The L. family of  Indianapolis, IN had Indiana Home Comfort Solutions install insulation in their attic. Before the insulation could properly be installed, they had to seal the chimney first. The gap around the chimney was sealed using sheet metal and fire caulk, then a Rock Wool sleeve was installed around the metal pipe. This seals all air leaks and gaps and around the chimney to add value and increase insulation efficiency. 

Air Sealing in Indianapolis, IN

This attic in Indianapolis, IN had many cracks and gaps in the floor, that allowed air to flow through. Indiana Home Comfort Solutions air sealed this attic floor air tight by installing expanding polyurethane spray foam insulation.

Front Porch Insulation in Indianapolis, IN

In Indianapolis, IN, Indiana Home Comfort Solutions removed the soffit from the cantilever in order to properly insulate the area. Instead of finding any insulation, they found a nasy hornet nest! After safely removing the nest, the team was able to seal the cavity air tight and provide the home with proper insulation. 

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