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Furnace Replacement in Brownsburg, IN

In order to prepare for the upcoming winter, the B. residence of Brownsburg, IN called Indiana Home Comfort Solutions to check the status of their furnace. Due to the age and condition of the unit, it needed to be replaced. The homeowners agreed and had a Carrier 96 Performance Gas Furnace installed in its place.

Old Outdoor AC Unit Replacement- Brownsburg, IN

This AC unit was unable to keep up with the summer heat and left these Brownsburg, IN residents without air conditioning. They quickly called Indiana Home Comfort Solutions to determine if the unit would be worth repairing. After the unit was inspected, it was clear it needed to be replaced to avoid further breakdowns and costly repairs. The homeowners agreed and had Indiana Home Comfort Solutions install a Carrier Comfort Series Air Conditioner.

Multi-Level Attic Sealed in Brownsburg, IN

Many attics with multi-levels can be problematic. The vertical wall, seperating the two ceilings, are often left unsealed causing air from the attic to flow into the home. In the case of this Brownsburg, IN home, we simply installed SilverGlo Foam over the wall and air sealed it tight with expanding spray foam to prevent air flow. 

Multi-Level Attic Brownsburg, IN

Here Brad Morrison is sealing a multi-leveled attic by installing SilverGlo Foam insulation to the vertical wall to prevent air flow. The residents of the home complained of cold drafts coming into their living room. After inspecting the attic, the cold drafts were found coming from that vertical wall in between the two floors. 

Sealing the Attic Leaks in Pittsboro, IN

One of the biggest causes of dust and heat and cooling loss. These show some very good examples of how BIG some of the areas of lose can be !

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