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How To Clean Electronic Air Filters

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 by Kayla Heath

Electronic Air Cleaners require maintenance just like any other piece of equipment, and even though they are built to “be efficient over a wide range of cell dirt loading conditions”, having them cleaned regularly is the best way to ensure optimum performance. But you already knew that, right?

What you might not know is how to clean them! Well worry not. Listed below are some simple steps on how to clean your Electronic Air Filters:


Step 1: Turn EAC OFF 

Locate the on/off switch and move it to the off position.

Check the system light to make sure you did indeed turn it off.

Turn off

NOTE* Wait 30 seconds to allow the system to completely shut down.  


Step 2: Remove the Door

Just pull up on the handle to remove the door, then set it aside. 

Remove Door


Step 3: Remove Collecting Cells

Pull out the collecting cells and the prefilters. 

Pull Cells Out

Above: Collecting Cells

Remove Prefilters

Above: Prefilters


Step 5: Wash Cells and Prefilters With Garden Hose

Cleaning is simple. Just fill up a bucket with soap and water.

Wipe Cells and Prefilters using a damp rag.

Rinse off dirt and soap using the garden hose. 


NOTE* If dirt and grime does not come off easily, try soaking cells and prefilters in warm, soapy water first.


Step 6: Go Make A Drink and Let the Cells and Prefilters Dry

This step is important! We don't want anyone getting dehydrated... Well we don't but more importantly, once the cells and prefilters have been rinsed off, set them aside to dry.

NOTE* They need to be completley dry before you can put them back in the electronic air cleaner.


Step 7: You're Done!

Just reinsert the cell and prefilter - you know, once they're completely dry and all- put the door back on, and turn the switch to the on position.

The hard work is done. Now you can go relax! (but you didn't need my permission, did you)



Be sure to check your manual and read all warning labels ahead of time. 

Check Warning Label

There are other ways to clean your Electronic Air Filter, such as soaking them in a tub or running them through the dishwasher. However, this How-to was made with the simple seeker in mind. Have a different Electronic Air Cleaner brand? Want cleaning instructions using a different method? Not a problem, directions and guides specific to your Electronic Air Cleaner are listed in your equipment manual! 

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