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Heating Case Studies: Inadequate Air Flow/HVAC not keeping up- Clermont, IN

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 by Alexandria Price


Have you ever felt like a certain room in your home wasn't getting adequate air flow? Is your heating and air unit having trouble keeping up?

TW from Clermont, Indiana was having this issue. His heating and air system didn't seem to be keeping up and he couldn't help but notice a lack of air flow in his kitchen. He called IndyHCS and spoke with Nancy Roberts, the lead office CSR. They agreed a on a date to inspect the situation and scheduled a free estimate. 


A certified Home Comfort Consultant, Steve Lindley, arrived on the job. Lindley has been in the business for quite some time and just so happens to be the owner of IndyHCS... which was good news for TW. Lindley did a thorough inspection of the heating and air systems and the ducts works and was able to provide TW with an appropriate estimate for the repairs needed. The description of the estimate concluded that it would be beneficial for TW to replace his existing unit with a newer, more efficient model. 



Pictures A. and B. are the original heating and cooling units installed at TW's home. Per the estimate, TW agreed it was time to replace his existing heating and cooling units with newer, more efficient models. Pictures C. and D. show notes from Lindley on additional solutions to improve the air flow in TW's home. In this case, the kitchen was the most problematic area in the home. A new damper was made for the duct, going to the a/c unit. This was done to help bring more air flow into the kitchen. A return was added to the furnace (per picture C.). In picture D., you can tell the a/c unit sits pretty low to the ground. Austin and Chris, from the IndyHCS crew, installed a 3" pad to raise the unit off the ground to avoid exposure to water and mud - Gotta keep this new unit CLEAN! They also installed a linehide cover to protect the a/c's connecting tubes. These changes can be seen in the pictures E. - H. 


Austin and Chris ran some tests on the new heating and cooling system- everything tested out great and TW was good to go with his new units! TW was very happy with the results. Finally, things were back to normal and all the rooms in his house were getting proper air flow!


Another Indianapolis home made comfortable by IndyHCS!

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