Testimonials for Indiana Home Comfort Solutions

Thank you so much for your prompt attention in regards to my furnace!
Natalie W. of Indianapolis, IN
Monday, April 29th
I had service done by your Serviceman, Justin. Thanks for a great, informative, complete service by your serviceman, Justin. He was professional and very good at his job. 
Larry C. of Indianapolis, IN
Tuesday, February 23rd
Justin performed our service. He was very respectful and efficient. We will definitely be using you guys in the future!
James D. of Brownsburg, IN
Wednesday, June 10th
Steve, it has been a pleasure working with you and your team at Lindley. Thank you so much for the many extras you do for us. You have more than earned our trust! Thanks for being such a great company that we can rely on!
Donald M. of Brownsburg, IN
Tuesday, July 21st
Testimonial Photo by Michael Y.
It was a great experience. We used you for a second opinion, but we'll definitely call you firstin the future.
Michael Y. of Brownsburg, IN
Monday, June 22nd
The technician arrived 20 minutes early. He called me first to let me know. Once he was inside, he wore booties over his boots. The same tech has been out to my house for the last two years and my wife and I have been pleased with his professionalism. We have been using Lindley Heating for about nine years now and we have no complaints. The first three years, we used other service companies.
William W. of Avon, IN
Friday, March 11th
Thank You for the prompt service. I really wasn't expecting someone so soon. I am so excited that I have heat again!  Thanks a lot!
K. A. of Avon, IN
Tuesday, October 11th
Your technician was very helpful and efficient. Thank you for getting him over here to restore our heat so quickly.
M. S. of Avon, IN
Wednesday, May 18th
Thank you for sending a technician after hours so I didn't have to take off from work.  I really appreciate that.  He was very helpful & informative.
S. R. of Avon, IN
Monday, November 19th
Thanks for the quick response to repair the furnace last week.  I really appreciate it, and my tenant did too!
K. S. of Pittsboro, IN
Monday, June 11th
Steve,I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you and your team at Lindley did on our home improvement project. We are very happy with the results, and we want to express our appreciation to you, Robin, Robby, and Brad. As you know, I approached Lindley with a request-for-quote to replace our furnace. After you had a chance to inspect our home and discovered the many problems that were contributing to our discomfort, you made a comprehensive proposal to remedy the situation. This included a full overhaul of the attic insulation, re-do of the insulation in three chase areas, sealing of the ductwork, foam sealing of the rim joists, foam sealing of the crawl space, and several other details. You also recommended a geothermal system to heat and cool our home. You and Robin spent much time with our family analyzing the home and explaining our options. Throughout the course of the project, which took about one week, you showed me several of your key findings which were contributing very significantly to the inefficiency of our home. There was a major breech in the insulation of the attic. Several large areas in the chase were not insulated at all. Our ducts were leaking beyond belief in the basement. The rim joists were leaking significantly and had been improperly insulated a year ago by a local well-known foundation repair company. The bathroom fan was not vented properly in the attic. All of the attic access points were not sealed or insulated. The windows were poorly sealed during installation. Two of our register vents in the upstairs were completely closed, without our knowledge. There were many others. Your team addressed each of these issues flawlessly, and I want to comment on a few things that I most appreciated about your approach: 1. You didn’t stop at just replacing the furnace. You took that time to address our real problem — that we were terribly uncomfortable in our home. There was a constant draft of cold air, the floors were cold, the furnace (Pulse) was noisy, the air conditioner did a poor job cooling the home, the balance of upstairs to downstairs was bad, and we couldn’t achieve a comfortable temperature in the winter. Finally, we were subject to the unregulated Propane industry, which increased prices over 2X last winter. 2. Your assessment was based on data, including the “home performance” analysis, infrared camera analysis, duct pressure testing, and others. This offered us the chance to compare before and after performance with numbers and thus verify that your changes were having an effect. 3. Your team took no short cuts. They worked very hard and were passionate about improving our home. You and Robin provided day to day oversight and remained on the job throughout most of the work. I appreciated the attention to detail that you guys provided. 4. Your key workers, Robby and Brad, were outstanding. They arrived on time each day and worked hard all day. They were courteous and professional. And, they did amazing work – cleaning up completely each day. Your team did many “little” things as well, that I noticed: replacement of the light in my attic closet, overhaul of the closet insulation, capping the old furnace vents, and many others. 5. You completed the work about a week ahead of the original schedule. 6. Finally, you introduced me to state-of –the-art heating/cooling technology in the geothermal process. I was completely unaware of the impact that this could have on our comfort level and our heating/cooling bills. It’s been about a month since completion and we are already seeing the benefits of the improvements: elimination of house “draft” much quieter due to the incredibly quiet geo system, and the added insulation much better temperature balance between upstairs and downstairs thanks to your addition of the dual-zone controls overall , significant improvement in comfort I’m sure we will notice more benefits as time goes on. You guys have transformed our home into a comfortable, efficient, quiet, controllable living space. I’m more than impressed with Lindley HVAC – please express my appreciation to Robin and the rest of your staff. Thanks again Steve.
Jim K. of Pittsboro, IN
Tuesday, September 25th
The young man who performed our service was very efficient and did an excellent job!
Bob G. of pittsboro, IN
Wednesday, June 10th
Testimonial Photo by Lynn L.
Tech's so nice you invite them to stay for dinner!
Lynn L. of Pittsboro, IN
Wednesday, July 15th
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