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Insulation Services Case Studies: Crawl Space and Attic Insulation in Indianapolis, IN

Friday, February 12th, 2016 by Alexandria Price


The L. family from Indianapolis, IN were concerned with the amount of dust in their home. They had their ductwork inspected several times yet the problem still persisted so they called IHCS out to take a look. The unusual amounts of dust was an indication that there was air leaking causing unwanted particles to enter the home. Using a Blower Door Test and Infared Gun, we were able to pinpoint exactly where the air leakage had been coming from. As it turns out, the "dust" throughout the home was actually insulation that had been pulled down along with the air leaking into the home.


In order to fix the problem, the areas of concern needed to be properly air sealed. To ensure that the insulation would no longer flow into the home the attic was air sealed using expanding spray foam and foam board insulation. The ducts were then sealed with Aeroseal and the crawl space was encapsulated with CleanSpace to thus ensure proper air flow in the home and prevent further air leakage.

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