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Learn more about Indiana Home Comfort Solutions' recent work requests in Indianapolis, IN
Vicinity of Evanston Ave in Indianapolis
I have about 10-12 feet of un-insulated ductwork in my attic. It is causing the air to get sucked up in the return to be heated up by 4-5 degrees by the time it reaches my furnace. I have had the insulation checked, ventilation added to the attic. The return air vent (currently un-insulated) just gets too hot and causes the A/C to run forever. Could you please provide me an estimate for this type of service? Currently I am only looking to get the return taken care of. Thanks.
Vicinity of LAFAYETTE RD in Indianapolis
Additional insulation to an older home...
Vicinity of Steven Lane in Indianapolis
Stale air coming out of vents. 60 year old tri-level home. Would like an estimate to seal and insulate ductwork.
Vicinity of N Alabama St in Indianapolis
I recently moved into a ~3600 SF house built in 1882, renovated from 2004-2010, and I am looking to get an estimate for a home energy audit to determine where I need to focus my time/energy/money with respect to the building envelope and thermal insulation. Also please indicate which exact services come with the audit and cost. Thanks!
Vicinity of King Drive in Indianapolis
I have recently moved into an older (1969) home in Indianapolis and would like to upgrade the HVAC system. We have rooms with wildly different temperatures and some with poor air flow. The return ducts also show very limited flow. I would like to obtain a quote for some diagnostic work to be done on the property, and also to seal the ductwork and rebalance the system so that it functions properly. I would also like to insulate some portions of the ductwork (attic, basement and garage) to prevent heat loss to the unconditioned surroundings. Looking forward to hearing from you, James
Vicinity of N Alabama St in Indianapolis
I recently bought a home built in 1885. I am looking to prioritize energy efficiency and insulation projects and need a baseline energy audit. The upstairs HVAC system will also likely need to be replaced including ductwork in the near future.
Vicinity of Lancelot Dr. in Indianapolis
I'm looking for help with repair of ductwork in our crawlspace. I've discovered a couple sections of duct have become disconnected. If possible I'd like to get this accomplished in the next couple of weeks. Thanks, Jim
Vicinity of Magnificent Lane in Indianapolis
Live in a 15? year old house with orig unit. The unit is old and showing it. We have a 4k sf home, 2 story with a basement. We're taking bids to replace the entire heating and cooling unit. Will probably sell this house in 2 years so are not looking for top of the line, 2 stage, etc. Hope to do replacement before winter gets here.
Vicinity of Melbourne Rd in Indianapolis
Hole ripped in our flex ductwork in our crawl space by an animal. I can send pictures
Vicinity of Vanceburg Dr in Indianapolis
Attic Is not air sealed and has poor insulation looking to save energy and have much better comfort plus my HVAC units are over 10 years old and looking to replace them soon
Vicinity of Shadow Cir in Indianapolis
Some rooms are warmer than others.
Vicinity of Buckingham Drive in Indianapolis
I am updating my basement and would like to reroute my ductwork to get me more ceiling height. I have already received a quote to remove the ductwork as it is covered in asbestos but now I am looking for a quote to re-route the ductwork.
Vicinity of Gordonshire Court in Indianapolis
Looking for a quote to insulate walls of my crawl space
Vicinity of Delray Dr. in Indianapolis
I need the cost of an electric 50 gal hot water heater unit
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
We are buying a 1950s 2168sf house, and are interested in a blower door test, airsealing and envelope tightening. Thanks!
Vicinity of E Michigan St in Indianapolis
Our upstairs does not receive much cool air in the summer months
Vicinity of N Pershing Ave in Indianapolis
My last two electric bills have been extremely high and I would like to find out which upgrades I need to make to lower my bills.
Vicinity of Spring Mill Lane in Indianapolis
Looking for an evaluation to determine if we have enough insulation in our home.
Vicinity of Paddington in Indianapolis
Cold and drafty house
Vicinity of Springview Dr in Indianapolis
Looking to get quotes on respraying attic insulation.
Vicinity of Hickorywood Dr. in Indianapolis
Want to add a vent and balance the hvac of my home
Vicinity of Thorn Bend Dr in Indianapolis
Lower section of house stays cold. Seems to be cold drafts coming from different areas.
Vicinity of Washington Blvd in Indianapolis
I would like a duct work evaluation in my house. I am seeking to either redo the primary trunk to help balance the system or add a secondary system. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
Found your name on Citizen Energy's duct sealing list. We're interested in sealing, cleaning, or perhaps replacing our ductwork for allergy reasons. Are you available Wednesday 10/18 for an estimate?
Vicinity of Lakeside Dr. in Indianapolis
A while back you did an energy audit for my home, and mentioned that you have low-cost solutions for climate control of the garage, both heating and cooling. I am thinking of a Mitsubishi unit, offered at Home Depot and other places. If you have experience installing these or other similar ductless systems, please let me know and provide a quote. Thanks very much!
Vicinity of Golf View Drive in Indianapolis
Need a tune-up.
Vicinity of Highland Pl. in Indianapolis
Getting estimates for air duct sealing - house is 2 stories, 1560 sq feet total. Built in 2004.
Vicinity of N Pennsylvania St in Indianapolis
Vicinity of Griffin Lane in Indianapolis
I live in a mobile home and I am concerned, but do not know, that the walls may need to be insulated because the ceiling needed to be, which was done by the maintenance of this community after I moved in.
Vicinity of Longspur Ct in Indianapolis
HVac cleaning. New home purchase suspension on duct work hasn't been cleaned. Home is 1800 sq feet two story central air one furnis system. Home was built in 1998.
Vicinity of W. Thompson Rd in Indianapolis
I need to install a ductless heating/cooling system in my very old, very small home but I want to get an estimate.
Vicinity of Raceway Rd in Indianapolis
To repair ductwork. One side of the house is not getting air blow.
Vicinity of Round Lake Bnd in Indianapolis
In need of furnace being serviced and cleaned. HVAC needs cleaned.
Vicinity of King Lear Court in Indianapolis
Hello i am currently looking for someone to fix are heating in are house
Vicinity of Clayburn Drive in Indianapolis
I recently bought my first home and during the inspection it was mentioned that my insulation in the attic was settled and should be replaced soon. I wanted to have someone come out and look and see what other insulation issues there may be around the house.
Vicinity of Sturm Ave in Indianapolis
I want to increase the efficiency of my HVAC system. I would like to possibly seal leaks in ducts and insulate them, if possible.
Vicinity of Blue Ridge Way in Indianapolis
Would like an evaluation/inspection on a home furnace system. It runs often and we need to also check the air quality.
Vicinity of Kingsley Dr in Indianapolis
Ceiling stains from possible air leaks.
Vicinity of Coach Road in Indianapolis
We are interested in your attic insulation services.
Vicinity of Dan Patch Dr. in Indianapolis
I need to insulate my crawl space.
Vicinity of Brendon Park Dr in Indianapolis
Leaking air and heat also water entering my vents
Vicinity of Highland Dr in Indianapolis
I am interested in duct work sealing.
Vicinity of Evanston Ave in Indianapolis
My home was built in 1947, the walls are cold to the touch in the winter. Not sure on attic insulation. Interested in blown insulation for both areas. Need to determine cost to determine where in the budget this job will fit.
Vicinity of Kilmer Ln in Indianapolis
I have a boiler system. The basement was flooded a few weeks ago. says on the unit to call service company if boiler was flooded. i'm call you to check out boiler and make repairs if necessary. thank you.
Vicinity of Geist Woods Ln. in Indianapolis
We have an unidentified moisture issue in our house. We have mold growing periodically around the air duct vents on our main floor (ductwork is within our slab). We have had a camera down there and know that the ductwork isn't damaged, but does contain debris. We are planning on cleaning the ductwork and also want to have them sealed. I would love an estimate on cleaning the ducts and sealing the ducts if we determine that is necessary. Thanks, Stacey
Vicinity of N. Kenwood Ave in Indianapolis
Low air flow in duct work.
Vicinity of Golf View Dr. in Indianapolis
Have Climate Master geothermal unit. Would like pricing for check up/tune up service.
Vicinity of Sutherland Ave in Indianapolis
Winterization. I want to avoid frozen pipes in the back half of my crawlspace. Very small area with easy access from basement or side of house.
Vicinity of Hoyt Ave in Indianapolis
Need new insulation in the attic - around 1000 sq. ft.
Vicinity of Minnesota Street in Indianapolis
I would like a quote for radiant floor heating with 3 zones and attach to my existing boiler system
Vicinity of Woodstone Ct. in Indianapolis
Estimate crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Haverford Ave in Indianapolis
I live in an older home with an attic converted to a bedroom that does not seem properly insulated. Need someone to check it out and see what options I have for better insulation.
Vicinity of Glen Hall Circle in Indianapolis
Energy efficiency.
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
Purchased a new home and feel drafts inside. Would like to have a professional find the air leaks.
Vicinity of N. Irvington Avenue in Indianapolis
Need estimate for older home in Irvington. We've had problems with pipes freezing.
Vicinity of Wonderland Court in Indianapolis
Not a lot of pressure coming out of vents. Would like to get our ducts inspected for potential leaks and possible seal. Upstairs is hot in summer and cold in winter, check for possible reasons why.
Vicinity of N Bosart Ave in Indianapolis
Ducts under house, crawl space, needs cleaning, repair or replacement.
Vicinity of N Capitol Ave in Indianapolis
We are interested in insulating our attic ceiling. It is currently unfinished, but we have plans to finish it within a year. We're also interested in duct sealing, and air sealing.
Vicinity of S. Kitley Avenue in Indianapolis
Needed blown insulation installed
Vicinity of Lakeland Lane in Indianapolis
Insufficient blown in fiberglass insulation in attic over whole house, leaky can lights, bedrooms located over crawlspace much colder than rest of house which is over a basement. Heating bills too high.
Vicinity of Amherst in Indianapolis
Quote on geothermal heatpump
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
Energy efficiency and heat loss. There doesn't seem to be any insulation in the walls and we'd like to get a quote on having it installed.
Vicinity of N Meridian Street in Indianapolis
Make sure my heating system work well, thank you
Vicinity of Whistlewood Drive in Indianapolis
My son's house is very, very dusty. He has three larger dogs, and there is dust all over. The rooms that he has closed off never gets as dusty. We were going to get his vents cleaned, but were told that wouldn't help.
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
Our house was built 30 years ago and it's over 10,000 sq. ft. Since we've moved in 4 years ago, we've already replaced all four units but still noticed the air coming out of the vent are very low. I've notice the flex duct, which probably are the original, located in the attics are pretty wore out and suspect that could be the cause of the air leak. I would like to get an estimate on replacing the wored out ducts. If you could please either email or call me to set a time. Thanks!
Vicinity of Ellery Lane in Indianapolis
We have dormer windows across the front of our house over a porch roof. The builders did not insulate this area at all so the cold air comes in the rooms where these windows are. I'd like a quote on insulating those spaces.
Vicinity of Solun Road in Indianapolis
Having high heat bills in the winter wanting to see if our ducts might be the issue. If at all possible can you email me, or call after 4 PM.
Vicinity of Norfolk Street in Indianapolis
Need blow in insulation in attic about 1500 sq ft what is the cost to provide a good layer of insulation approx. 20 bags need price to install
Vicinity of Steeplechase Dr in Indianapolis
Need attic insulation
Vicinity of Kilmer Ln in Indianapolis
Pilot light not working and 2 leaks around boilder. Needs looked at.
Vicinity of E FALL CREEK PKWY N DR in Indianapolis
Vicinity of Raven Rock in Indianapolis
Would like free estimate of aero seal of my ductwork
Vicinity of Crooked Meadows Drive in Indianapolis
Hvac is 15 yrs old...worried about air ducts dirty or even mold
Vicinity of Mars Hill St in Indianapolis
I believe the duct work has failed. I have air coming out of every vent but 2. When i open the crawlspace cover cold air rushes out.. Looking to get duct work looked at and repaired
Vicinity of Carrollton Ave in Indianapolis
We are purchasing a new home and know at least some of the system is quite old. We would like quotes on replacing the entire HVAC system (or if it's part of your Carrier systems that let you upgrade piecemeal), whether new ductwork is required or recommended (and quotes), and quote for duct cleaning as well. We take possession on Friday 8/28 and would like to schedule a time for that afternoon if possible!
Vicinity of Ayrshire St. in Indianapolis
I need a ball park estimate on the installation of a geothermal heat pump on a 1500 sqft house. Assume all new duct work.
Vicinity of Sunrise Drive in Indianapolis
Seeking installer for Radiant Barrier in attic.
Vicinity of Golf Lane in Indianapolis
We have a nice size shed that we are interested in having isulated as well as having air condition and heating installed.
Vicinity of Kessler Blvd E Dr in Indianapolis
Our home was built in the early 1920's and is need of new HVAC system including new ductwork.
Vicinity of Vanceburg Dr in Indianapolis
Need help (estimate) with duct sealing on my new home
Vicinity of Blue Ridge Rd in Indianapolis
Moisture problems in attic. Dampness on roof sheathing boards, signs of mold starting. Lack of insulation or ventilation possibly
Vicinity of Cherryhill Ct in Indianapolis
Have a smell coming from vents. Believe it may be mice in the ductwork. Would like get expert opinion, maybe an inspection or pictures of inside ducts...
Vicinity of Indian Lake Blvd S in Indianapolis
I am rehabbing a house and would like to get an estimate for spray foam insulation.
Vicinity of Gazebo Dr in Indianapolis
My electric bill is huge. I can feel draft coming from under my front door, patio door and several windows in my house.
Vicinity of Falcon Grove Ct. in Indianapolis
This house is currently for sale. When interested buyers ordered an inspection report, there was an issue in the crawlspace with regards to the insulation and moisture. I would like to get an estimate to fix this issue. I have a copy of the inspection report that I can send if requested. I also see that you're an approved contractor for the Citizen's Energy Insulation rebate. Please let me know if you're interested. Best way to contact is via email. Thanks, Saul
Vicinity of N. HAWTHORNE LANE in Indianapolis
Had significant flooding in my crawl space. Previously had Moore Restoration doing the water emergency service. However, they have left the job incomplete as I am still in need of duct work cleaning and/or replacement and possibly some mold remediation completed.
Vicinity of N Olney St in Indianapolis
Need quote for attic sealing and insulation of 1957 brick ranch with approx. 1600 square feet of attic space. Thanks.
Vicinity of Oakwood Trails in Indianapolis
Ductwork is old with 20" dia sections. Leakage could be substantial.
Vicinity of East Saint Joseph St. in Indianapolis
Very cold basement of condo. It is finished. Guessing they did not put any insulation between concrete exterior wall and inner dry wall.
Vicinity of HAVERHILL DR in Indianapolis
We need an estimate to have insulation sprayed into our attic.
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
We saw the video on duct sealing on This Old House and we have the same issues of air loss with our heating and cooling ducting system.
Vicinity of Mossy Bank Road in Indianapolis
Garage insulation
Vicinity of Normandy Blvd in Indianapolis
Need ductwork cleaning and sealing price.
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
Inadequate duct system
Vicinity of Bay Pointe Circle in Indianapolis
Cold basement
Vicinity of N. Meridian St. in Indianapolis
Older home. High heating bill. Not sure the seals around windows and doors are tight.
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
Cold floors - looking to blow insulation into floor space on first and second floors
Vicinity of Winthrop Avenue in Indianapolis
I am wondering if there is any insulation at all in the first floor walls as it is about 10 degrees cooler in the main rooms and kitchen.
Vicinity of Mossy Bank Rd. in Indianapolis
General gas furnace check-up. brand Carrier. installed new in 2006.
Vicinity of Oakshot LN in Indianapolis
Feral cat in crawlspace has disconnected at least one flexible HVAC duct. At least one flexible duct seems stretched (can see daylight in floor vent), so others may need repair or replacement. Unknown how much mess cat has made.
Vicinity of Rookwood Ave in Indianapolis
I am wanting to add more insulation to an attic, it is 20x20 and currently has r13 insulation between the rafters. I also have a crawl space i am considering insulating it is about 12x15
Vicinity of Quetico Drive in Indianapolis
I have a Carrier 8000TS furnace about 10 years old that needs a maintenance service inspection. How much and how soon? Also, might be interested in energy audit/weatherization services. Please call me.
Vicinity of Kings Cove Court in Indianapolis
The duct work in the attic above me conducts traffic noise from the street along the ceiling. I want to see if the ducts are "cross talking" or positioned in such a way that should be looked at. Also, one room in the corner of my residence stays very cold in the winter despite there being a vent that should be sufficient. I am very interested in acoustic wrapping of vents and whatever else that is available to stop the street noise. the cold room is not necessarily that important to me.
Vicinity of Huntwick Lane in Indianapolis
I have a duct air leaks, probably multiple but one around the supply of the fan coil. It is made of duct board and it appears that due to the fact that the "professionals" that installed the HVAC ductwork in my house put a joint right under a joist they did not tape it fully and it is leaking. I want to know if Aero Seal will work on duct board and flex duct and if so I would like to get an estimate on getting that done at my house.
Vicinity of N Leland Ave in Indianapolis
We'd like a quote for a couple of services you offer (we may do all of them, we may work on them separately over the course of the next year). Our house is about 80 years old and is leaky (or at least seems so). I'd like to do a blower door test to find the leaks and then either have you seal up the house or perhaps do it myself. We'd like to consider a duct cleaning for the HVAC system, as I don't believe that's ever been done (at least it hasn't since we've been there). We may be interested in sealing leaks in any ducts as well. Lastly, our upstairs is a converted attic and the changing of the seasons impacts the temperature of the upstairs considerably. I'm certain it could benefit from insulation (as well as other parts of the house too, I'm sure). We may be able to do blown in insulation in some areas of the house, but some areas may need foam insulation (I'd defer to you guys on what makes sense there). I doubt you could give me a quote on the insulation without looking at it, but perhaps we could do that at some point if/when we do the other work. I prefer to communicate mostly over email, but if you need to reach me to talk, feel free to call my cell (I'm just in and out of meetings a lot and may not be able to grab it right away). Thanks, John
Vicinity of Reflections Dr in Indianapolis
I live in a condominium with 2 outside walls.
Vicinity of Hunters Green Ct in Indianapolis
Would like a quote on blown-in attic insulation.
Vicinity of N. Pennsylvania in Indianapolis
Need insulation b/t garage ceiling and floor of older master bedroom addition. Currently there is nothing in there.... UGH
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
My church has several rooms/offices that do not appear to heat and/or cool properly. We would like to get ductwork evaluated.
Vicinity of in Indianapolis
100+ year old home. Gets very cold on floors in winter especially in front of home. Interested in spray foam insulation.
Vicinity of Warwick Rd in Indianapolis
The insulation in my crawlspace is falling off/apart and it's making my house extremely inefficient.
Vicinity of Stratford Ave. in Indianapolis
Looking at applying foam insulation to existing 1.5 story roofline to create ventless attic.
Vicinity of N. Pasadena St in Indianapolis
Getting estimates for foam insulation in 900 sq ft home, w/vinyl siding. 1 level
Vicinity of Lowell Ave in Indianapolis
We just bought the house and ice dams formed last winter. we'd like to find out what we need to prevent this
Vicinity of Chapel Glen Drive in Indianapolis
Email anytime; Call after 4 on weekdays. Our upstairs bedroom (which is positioned over the garage) is much colder than the rest of our home when it's cool out. There is also a vent in the room that doesn't provide warm air when the heat is on. We just bought the house in April and would like to know what the cause of the cooler temperatures in the room might be, so that we can hopefully get it fixed before the bitter cold of winter.
Vicinity of Caddy Way in Indianapolis
Whole house insulation
Vicinity of St. James Drive in Indianapolis
We need our ductwork inspected and probably replaced or repaired. Our home was built in 1970 and our furnace plenum is rusted out and the ductwork has several holes in it. The ductwork is in the crawlspace and has gotten wet over the years and rusted. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Caversham Pl in Indianapolis
Excessive Dust. I had the ducts cleaned under a year ago and the vent around the home are showing dust lines on and around the vents now. I run the HVAC fan all day as instructed by my HVAC servicer. I change the furnace filters every 30 days, Merv 8 pleated filter. I have noticed that some of the vents have way too much air pushed to them so I have to leave them closed to make sure I am getting the correct air flow on other vents. I had the dryer vent cleaned as well. No chemical was used at last duct cleaning. I also have pets. It's a 2 story townhouse about 2,000 square feet, open concept as well.
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